At Tall Recordings you will be able to come in for all of your recordings, mixes, audio postproduction, voice-overs and mastering. Anything from a quick demo to complete album production. You are also welcome for other music or sound projects.
Every project has the option of recording to tape (24 tracks) or multi track digital. We will discuss what will be the most ideal solution for your record.

The spacious recording area has lively acoustics which make it ideal for recording full bands and getting those big drum sounds. However, the versatility of the room also allows it to excel at more intimate acoustic performances.
An extensive backline is at your disposal. Guitar amplifiers ranging from a Fender Twin Blackface, to a Vox AC30, to a variety a Marshalls and more. Drums from huge to small, vintage to brand new. Pianos, organs, guitars, and of course for every sound, the right microphone.

The control room is tastefully decorated with a cozy 70's vibe and equipped with all the needed tools to make your record sound its best. A vintage analog console, Apogee and Lynx converters, DynAudio monitors and all the outboard dynamics and FX you need are at your fingertips.

For more detail on the gear, please check out the gear list.

Rates and services? Drop me a line or give me a call to discuss your specific needs.