Anyone with gear can record, but recording an album that can stand up with the music you hear on the radio takes more than just good songs–it takes professional production. So where do you start? Do you call a studio? Do you need an engineer? What if you want to use the drummer who played on your favorite record? Where do you find his number? Do you need to master your mixes? What is mastering anyway?

Tall Recordings has the experience of working in the trenches of the recording industry on projects ranging from local bands to international artists. Now all the tools and expertise that you have been looking for are at your fingertips. I can walk you through every step on the way to making your music a reality.

It all starts with an email or phone call. I will talk with you to help you determine your goals and select the best team of professionals to fit your direction and your budget. I’ll be there to answer your questions from the first phone call to the final mix. Also, you keep all the rights and ownership of your songs. One hundred percent. Period.